Juilliard Collaboration Highlights!

Posted by Jason King on May 18 2020 at 09:02AM PDT

This year, the Advanced Choreography and Performance class participated in the Juilliard Global Choreography Challenge. With guidance from dance teacher Gilliane Hadley, and their mentor, Michael Garcia, these nine students collaborated and choreographed a piece to the minimalistic composition “Glassworks” by the composer, Phillip Glass. Additionally, middle school students participated in the “Ask the Artist” Series with dancer Miranda Quinn.

This year, the music program welcomed a new Juilliard Collaborative Teaching Artist, violinist Kathryn Andersen Day. Additionally, students in the Wind Ensemble and Windermere Singers engaged with the “Ask the Artist” Series featuring Colin and Eric Jacobsen (the latter of which is the music director of the Orland Philharmonic Orchestra).

The 2019-2020 academic year marked the introduction of the Juilliard Creative Classroom Theatre Arts Curriculum at Windermere Preparatory School. Students in Rosemarie Redman’s third-grade classes collaborated to ask questions for Broadway performer James Davis, while students in Cindy Lowa’s middle school “Power of Musical Performance” class asked individual questions.

NAE provided additional opportunities for our students during the Virtual School Experience:
Virtual Monologue Challenge (and written by)
Ava Mitchell, 1st grade
Gabriela Juron, 4th grade
Gustavo Campos, 5th grade
Dhitri Aurora, 5th grade
Aly Elsonbaty, 6th grade
Julia Kaufman, 8th grade
Emma Lawrence, 11th grade
Maria Gullesserian, 11th grade
Leah Meyer, 11th grade

Virtual young Musicians Voice Category
Olivia Richter, 2nd grade
Micaela Joseph, 11th grade
Sophia Bresciani, 11th grade

NAE Community Dance Project
Graduating Senior Carter Heitkamp’s composition “Bubblegum.Sad” was selected as source music for dancers to perform to. At last count, over ten dancers had posted choreography to his original music!


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