Alice In Wonderland Announcement!

Posted by Jason King on Jan 11 2020 at 08:03AM PST

Once you fall through the rabbit hole, nothing is as it seems! Adapted from Lewis Caroll’s 1865 book of the same name, this lively play follows Alice on a confounding journey through a world of talking animals and a corrupt queen. This production will open March 5-7, 7:00 pm at the Cypress Center for the Arts and will also feature a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (very limited seating) at the Cypress Center Plaza. Tickets can be purchased at a later date by going to This Middle and High School Play is directed by Jason Wheelhouse and Cindy Lowa.

Meet the Cast:
Alice, Andrea Matos-Devesa
White Rabbit, Michael Crocetti
Queen of Hearts, Olivia Oles
Mouse, Alyssa Johnson
Caterpillar, Anna Ocasio
Frog Footman & Dormouse, Jacob Moore
Fish Footman, Sophia Barra
Duchess, Keira Beggrow
March Hare, Jackson Dowling
Mad Hatter, Sanad Al-Khatib
Gryphon, Tristan Kidwell
Mock Turtle, Eva Glorioso
King of Hearts, Zachary Moore
Red Queen, Katie Oles
Tweedledee, Rami Salem
Tweedledum, Harry Sandbrook
White Queen, Emma Lawrence
Humpty Dumpty, Jayson Goldner
Cat, Caroline Becker

Luisa Luo, Aliza Kaplan, Isabella Jones, Zainab Shamin, Riley McKenzie, Delaney Polk, Denton Loper


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